Make a fresh start with peace of mind by entrusting the clearance of your apartment or your house to organized, fast and efficient professionals! Our teams offer bespoke services in Cannes and its surroundings.

Full clearing

From top to bottom, we clear everything: furniture, boxes, ornaments, documents, toys, etc. We sort each item to get rid of for environment-friendly disposal and recycling. When completed, your apartment or house is completely emptied.

Upon request, a made can clean your property so that it is ready for sale or rental or for restoration work.

On quotation

Partial clearing

If you want to keep some furniture or objects, two options are available:

  1. We clear everything but what you want to keep: tell us what you want to keep and we’ll take care of the rest. Only the elements mentioned remain in place; everything else is cleared.
  2. We clear what you no longer want and carry the furniture and objects you want to keep to the place of your choice: for simplicity, we can carry your furniture and valuables to the place of your choice, including second hand shops or the home of the new owners of your old furniture or objects.

For complete freedom of mind, we pack your items, disassemble your furniture and deliver them to the address specified.

On quotation


For a safely move, do not worry about anything: we take care of everything. Our teams come to your property with a truck of appropriate size for your volume. Once the disassembling and packing of your furniture and objects is completed, they are stored in the truck to the specified location.

On quotation

All our services are subject to a prior quotation. In this light, we first meet you to the point of care in order to estimate the amount of work and volume, and then we send you the quote. Upon validation, we set a date to clear your apartment or your house, or to move your furniture and objects.